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Magical and Cutesy Hand-Painted Jewellery, Fridge Magnets and Accessories

Hand-painted items are crafted with lots of love, attention and care, thus they always hold more sentimental value. They each have a story to tell and make great collectables.

If you are looking for magical and cutesy hand-painted jewellery, fridge magnets and accessories, then you have landed in the perfect place.

I have a small business where I sell handcrafted/hand-painted jewellery and accessories, art prints, and even original paintings, all surrounding cute and magical themes.

A few months ago I did a major shop update on my channel. A lot of thought and love was put into making all the stuff and took almost 5 months to launch this collection.

There are pendants, clay pins, key chains, fridge magnets, canvas pouches, and even tote bags starting from just Rs.250.

This collection was inspired by the month "August"

August has always held a very special place in my heart as it brings the change with her, the change of seasons, and that change will soon welcome a dear friend 'Autumn'. This Collection embodies what August has always meant to me. From cherishing the chill in the air to eagerly waiting for the winter.

There are 100+ handcrafted/hand-painted items in this shop update and each item has been crafted with the utmost care from drafting the idea to making it and then varnishing it.

Here’s a quick look at all the items available:

1. Pendants

You will find these pendants in 3 themes, galaxy, sea and dreamland.

The base of the pendant is bronze and the inside of the pendant holds an original watercolour piece. They come with a gold-coloured chain which you can change according to your style.

2. Clay Pins

Clay pins have been trendy for quite a while and understandably so, after all, you can get these to match the style and aesthetic and they are so cute to look at.

3. Keychains

Keychains are a must-have to keep your keys organized. If you are looking for more artsy keychains then these keychains come in various themes, fairycore, dreamcore, fantasy, fluid art and you can get some vibrant sunsets.